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Why Pinsk

The investment attractiveness of the city is determined by the following factors:

1. Availability of legislative and organizational support for the investment process. Investment activities are multifaceted and regulated not only by a special law, but also by the Civil Code of the Republic of Belarus, tax legislation, legislation on economic companies, etc. In 2001, Belarus adopted the Investment Code, the provisions of which are aimed at stimulating investment activities and protecting the rights of investors. Additional legal guarantees are also provided to the investor when concluding investment agreements in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus of 06.08.2010 №10 "On creating additional conditions for investment activities in the Republic of Belarus."

2. Advantageous economic, geographical and geopolitical position.

Pinsk is one of the ten largest cities in Belarus, located a short distance from the borders of Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania, a developed social infrastructure, a system of telecommunications, transport, information services, a network of roads and railways give the city advantages over other regions of Belarus. The economic, geographical and geopolitical situation favorable for business allows companies to effectively serve the markets of the European Union, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries.

3. The main investor countries in the economy of Pinsk are Cyprus, Latvia, Russia, the USA, Ukraine, Israel, Lithuania.

4. Highly skilled workforce and significant scientific and technical potential. Pinsk is a city with high intellectual potential. The training of specialists for various sectors of the economy, social and cultural spheres is carried out by the Polessky State University, secondary special and vocational educational institutions. The labour potential in quantitative, professional qualification is able to ensure the effective functioning of the economy.

5. The presence of a free economic zone in the city with preferential economic conditions. Residents of the Brest free economic zone are subject to special legal regimes, including preferential tax and customs regimes.

6. Social and political stability, absence of conflicts of regional and national character.